We build the bridge.

Manufacturer to Distributor to End User.

FBB Food Brokers is built on 35 years of expertise in high-quality food service, manufacturing and distribution. Our accumulated experience includes years of relationships and connections with companies throughout all food industries. Today, we leverage our relationships and utilize our years of expertise to bring maximum results to our clients.

How we build your bridge

Step 1:

Team up manufacturers with customer-specific distributors

Step 2:

Match end-line users with distributor’s items

Step 3:

End-line users continue business with distributors who maintain their inventory with manufacturers

We understand and service your needs


  • Compliance with regulations
  • Distribution costs
  • New item launch
  • Placement


  • Gross profit dollars- not percentages
  • Train sales personnel

End-line Users

  • Quality, consistent products at the right price

Connecting you to the missing piece

Our expertise in all three industries helps us provide unmatched services. We not only maintain freight and trucking plane performance and customer product recognition, but we do it while taking care of the end-line.

Consultation and Strategy:
  • ¬†Guidance in strategic product launches and pricing
  • Advanced manufacturing consulting
  • Account executive training through hands-on sessions
  • Comprehensive knowledge enhancing smooth transitions to distributors

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